MAGIC Week Las Vegas

What a fun day we had today!  Cruising aisles of amazing new trends in fashion for fall 2015, seeing all the gorgeous girls modeling the new collections, and taking lots of pictures.  So for our first post, we wanted to introduce ourselves and share with you what is coming up this fall in fashion.

Yvonne (left) and Nichole (right)

Here are some of our favorite Fall Fashion Trends and Looks.

1. “Suede” and Fringe Dresses and Skirts



2.  Lots of Sweaters, Specially Oversized Sweaters

IMG_5234 IMG_5236IMG_5217 IMG_5238  

 3.  Metallics


4.  Hats, hats, and more hats

 IMG_5140 IMG_5199

5. Maxi Dresses and Shirts.  

 IMG_5208 IMG_5197

 IMG_5232 IMG_5143 

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