Lunch in Downtown Summerlin Center

Today we went to Downtown Summerlin for lunch. If you live in Las Vegas and you haven’t been to Downtown Summerlin yet, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re visiting Las Vegas and want to get off the strip for fashion and food, Downtown Summerlin is the place to be.

For lunch we went to Ribs and Burgers.


While this might sound like a scary place for vegetarians to venture into, we found the best veggie burger ever. This is our new hot spot for burgers fit for vegetarians in Las Vegas.


That being said, this is obviously a place with an intended non-vegetarian clientele. We watched as happy customer after happy customer ate large plates of burgers, french fries, and ribs. Although we couldn’t try these plates, we saw how much people enjoyed the food they were eating and we’re looking forward to coming back with our non-vegetarian friends. Ribs and Burgers gives diners a fun atmosphere, friendly service, and great food. It was a joy to just sit back, watch Arm Wrestling (which we now know is a worldwide sport) on the television, and listen to Marvin Gaye’s “I heard through the Grapevine” as we engaged in conversation and delicious food. This is a great place for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

On our list to try next is the S’mores Me Up (available as an Adult Milkshake or a non-alcoholic milkshake for the kids).

After lunch, we stopped into Gelato Messina for dessert. This is our favorite destination for gelato. While they always have 35 gelato and sorbet flavors, they also have 5 weekly specials that you really must try every once in a while. Today we went with our favorite- hazelnut gelato. And for those of you who are vegan or dairy free, they have a chocolate sorbet that is to die for!


They also make gelato cakes so keep that in mind for your next birthday party or event. What is their secret? We’re told they make all of the gelato and sorbet from scratch.


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