Fall Lipstick Colors We Love

From left to right we have BITE’s Luminous Crème Lipstick in Mullberry and from the Frozen Berries Matte Crème Lipstick Collection we have Elderberry, Plum, and Barberry. We don’t have Black Cherry or Juniper pictured.

Whether you like to wear your lipsticks a little sheer or you like to wear them thicker, we highly recommend BITE’s Frozen Berry Collection for the Fall.  Yvonne doesn’t like the dark lip look on her so she wears one coat for a more sheer look.  While, Nichole likes to layer two coats of lipstick for an opaque, bold lip.

We like BITE lipsticks because they have food-grade ingredients, they are highly pigmented and stay on forever, and this brand specializes in lips and they do lips right.  Unlike many other lipsticks, specially matte lipsticks, BITE products are moisturizing and don’t dry out your lips.  Wear the lipstick by itself, or use BITE’s primer or a lip liner for a more defined lip.

Bite lipstick swatches from left to right- Elderberry, Mulberry, Barberry, Plum, and Juniper.

Here we are trying BITE’s Elderberry lipstick color.  IMG_5406

Yvonne is wearing one coat of Elderberry, without a primer or lip liner, for a sheerer lip.
Nichole wearing BITE’s Elderberry lipstick from the Frozen Berries Collection. Nichole used BITE’s Line and Define Lip Priner and two coats of Elderberry for a darker, bolder lip.

Next, Yvonne tried on the Barberry lipstick.  IMG_5410

Yvonne thinks that dark lipstick is too dark for her.  She prefers a lighter look so she used BITE’s Opal lipgloss to lighten it up.  IMG_5421


Next, Nichole found her favorite lipstick out of the collection (although Juniper comes out as a close second favorite), Plum.


Nichole can’t get enough of this color! Try BITE’s Plum from the Frozen Berries Matte Crème Lipstick collection.

Here is Nichole’s Second favorite lipstick in the collection, Juniper.  It’s a little more fuchsia than the last lipstick pictured.

Nichole wearing Juniper.

We had so much fun trying on the new collection by BITE, inspired by frozen berries!  These lipsticks are absolutely delicious!

Until next time,

Who are we?  We are you!


IMG_5443 IMG_5512

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