Veggie and Egg Brunch Casserole

This morning, we made a beautiful vegetable and egg casserole for our Labor Day brunch.   Our quick and easy recipe serves about 6 people.  Serve it with crispy hash browns and toast for a brunch that everyone will enjoy.

We adapted this recipe from another breakfast casserole, which you can find on the blog Kalyn’s Kitchen.  While we love the combination of mushroom and kale with the salty feta cheese, we opened up our fridge to find we didn’t have as many mushrooms as we needed for the recipe, so we made it our own.

We turned back to the fridge to see what else we could find and we added a bell pepper and a couple avocados to our adapted recipe.


When we cook, we like to practice mise en place, which means “putting everything in its place” in French.  This culinary term means that you prepare everything before you start to cook.

We also used all organic ingredients, including the feta cheese.  See our tips at the bottom of the page to learn where to find the best organic ingredients.

We started our prep by dicing the bell pepper, slicing the mushrooms thickly, and setting aside the pre-washed and cut kale (making sure there were no stems or thick veins).  We also broke ten eggs into a bowl, whisked them with a fork and added a pinch of salt, pepper, and a splash of water.  The splash of water gives you a fluffy consistency and is a good trick any time you make scrambled eggs or omelets.  If you feel that ten whole eggs is too heavy, you can remove half of the egg yolks before whisking (we do this a lot with our omelets for a lighter version).

Once the ingredients were prepared, we sautéed all of the vegetables separately with a drizzle of olive oil and layered them side by side in a casserole dish.  We did not use any oil or cooking spray in the casserole dish to prevent sticking, but we really didn’t have much of a problem with this anyway.  However, feel free to grease your casserole dish if you prefer.  With each vegetable you sauté, make sure you remember to season lightly with a pinch of salt and pepper.  Remember that the casserole will get a lot of salt from the feta cheese.  The seasoning as you sauté the vegetables is just to enhance the flavor of the vegetables.

First we sautéed the bell pepper about 3 minutes and placed them in a casserole dish.  The bell pepper should not be hard, but it should not be completely soft either.  You want it to still be firm.

Next, we sautéed the mushrooms until they were browned and any liquid had evaporated.  The reason we cut them thickly is because mushrooms have the tendency of shrinking to pretty much nothing and cutting the mushrooms thicker also gives it a more rustic look.  We again placed the mushrooms in line in the casserole dish.

Finally we sautéed the kale until the leaves were wilted.  and placed it in the casserole dish.  We love kale in our family and use it frequently in our dishes, however, If you don’t like kale, you could substitute spinach or another vegetable such as green onion.


You can add the ingredients in the casserole dish however you want, because you are going to mix everything up before it goes in the oven anyway.  But we thought it looked so pretty layered separately, side by side.

Next, place your beaten eggs over the ingredients.


Finally add the feta cheese.  I used my hands to crumble the four rectangular cubes, each roughly the size of my finger, of feta cheese right over the egg and veggie mixture.  Once all of my ingredients were in the casserole dish, I stirred it all up with a fork.


But then we realized that the rectangular baking dish was too large for the mixture we had made and the casserole would be too thin.  So we transferred the mixture to a circular pyrex dish.  Don’t be afraid to use a round dish.  It came out beautifully!

IMG_5803 IMG_5805

Look at how beautiful all of the ingredients show up in the casserole dish.  The red and green really pop!

In the oven it went, at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes.  We just kept watch of the casserole and waited for the top to get slightly browned.  Give the dish a little shake.  You know the casserole is done when it is completely set and doesn’t jiggle.  Nichole couldn’t help thinking of LMFAO’s song “I’m sexy and I know it” (wiggle it wiggle it wiggle it yeah!) as she did this.


Once it’s set, it’s ready to serve hot!  We served it with fresh avocado over the top.  We drew a knife around the length of the avocado, twisted the two halves apart, and removed the seed.  Then we cut vertical lines and horizontal lines into the avocado flesh and squeezed the skin of the avocado until the pieces fell over the top of the casserole.  Look at how beautiful that green avocado was!  It really brightened up the dish.


It was such a beautiful day, we ate outside.


Yvonne’s son and Nichole’s little brother, Simon, enjoying his breakfast on this beautiful Monday morning. This little picky eater picked out all of the bell pepper pieces, because they’re red and he doesn’t like red foods such as tomatoes or bell peppers. 😛

There are so many variations on this dish that would taste delicious.  We want to hear what ingredient combination you like.  Share with us your variations on this recipe in the comments below!

Bon Appétit!

Who are we?  We are you.



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  • Organic feta cheese is hard to find.  Unless you have a Costco card!  Surprising enough, you can find organic feta cheese at Costco.

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