Harry Potter and the Gryffindor Sweater

I found this sweater and thought Gryffindor when I saw it.  And because I’m a total nerd, I had to get my Harry Potter wand and book out.  I’m wearing the sweater with a “Rocker” tank top (which you can see underneath the sweater) and ripped jeans, but you can wear this sweater with just about anything.  I love the deconstructed look.  It is my favorite sweater and I call it my Gryffindor sweater.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed that I never received a letter from Hogwarts, along with many other Harry Potter fans out there.


For those of you who are Muggles and don’t already know, Harry Potter is an amazing book series, written by J.K Rowling.  Gryffindor is the house that represents courage and bravery.  The colors of Gryffindor house are crimson and gold.  Pottermore normally sorts me in Gryffindor (although the sorting hat has thrown in the occasional Slytherin in my sorting- because I’ve had to make multiple accounts, every time I forget my login info and can’t get it reset).


(Click on the Book, Movie, or Wand to purchase)

I am proud to say that I’ve gotten my little brother, Simon, hooked on the Harry Potter series as well.  We are currently watching all of the movies in a Harry Potter Marathon.  Simon has also signed up for Pottermore and he’s a Gryffindor, too.  So it looks like we’re a Gryffindor family!  And hopefully, we will take a trip to London next year to have the Harry Potter experience with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.


Since we are in the month of September, and the first day of Hogwarts was just a couple weeks ago, I decided it was the perfect time to get out my Harry Potter books again and start reading them all over again.

And my cat, Mimi, was very interested in reading with me.


Dust off those Harry Potter books this week, or if you’ve never read them before, it’s a great time to start!  Let’s all experience the magic of Harry Potter again or for the first time.  😀

This has been your Nerd Alert!



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