How to Mix and Match Your Fall Items to Make 15 Outfits


Happy Fashion Friday, everyone!  We took 3 bottoms (a black circle skirt, grey skinny jeans, and flared faux-leather pants) and mixed and matched them with 4 tops (black long sleeved crop top, wine colored blouse, black and wine patterned tunic, and light-wine colored sweater).  Also, we couldn’t resist the sexy dress, paired with a faux-leather jacket, or on its own, to bring you a total of 15 different looks for the Fall.  This was our first mix and match set and we had so much fun dressing our model, Nicole.  And our puppy (she’s 4, totally still a puppy) Bobo loved all the attention too!  You can also accessorize any of these outfits with a black faux-leather fringe purse and you’ll be ready to walk out the door for any occasion.

We love the combination of black, grey, and wine (and now, after mentioning wine so many times, I’d like a glass of wine, thanks).  You’ll find that you have a lot of outfit options with just a few tops and bottoms.

We hope you enjoy our outfit creations!


mix and match 1
All of the items can be found at the shop, Pink Society, in Downtown Summerlin (Las Vegas, NV.) for $35 and under. Call (702) 932-PINK to order!

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  1. Alexandra Kazimirovicz says:

    Thanks for the fall inspiration! I love how each outfit is simple, yet super stylish! Especially digging the black crop top – I forgot crop tops can still be used in the fall if paired with the right item! Great job, guys!


    1. Thanks Alex, we’re so glad you liked the looks! Crop tops can definitely still be worn in the Fall. You can opt for a long sleeved crop top or pair it with a vegan leather jacket. Also, be on the lookout for crop top sweaters this Fall.


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