Jewelry We’re Crazy About!

If you haven’t heard about Bauble Bar, it is definitely time you did.  Bauble Bar offers hundreds of beautiful new designs for low prices.

Check out some of our favorite pieces and what’s in Nichole’s shopping cart!!!

This necklace is just so beautiful and we love the look of the natural crystals.  Nichole thinks it’s going to be the perfect statement necklace.  She has the perfect t-shirt dress she wants to wear it with to really make her outfit pop.

Pink Lady Collar

Rough cuts of pink quartz and hematite create an edgy femme palette. Each stone is uniq… [More]

Price: $62.00
 Fringe is in.  We’ve said this time and time again.  And while we’ve been wearing fringe necklaces all along, this next necklace really caught our attention!  The combination of the black and gold plus the white pearls, really makes us excited.

Audrey Tassel Bib

Chic black tassels go classic with gold hardware and precious pearls. [More]

Price: $52.00
This bracelet trio has the fringe that we love, and is a great combination.  But if you don’t like the combination we’ve selected, Bauble Bar allows you you to pick your own trio of bracelets with their build your own bauble option.  Mix and match to your heart’s content!  Or choose a Bauble Bar trio, ready to go.

Maxine Bracelet Trio

Stack with abandon with polished tortoise and flirty tassels. Set includes 3 bracelets. [More]

Price: $58.00
We love this gold cuff with the pearls. The pearls are a great classic, elegant look made a little edgier and more modern on a wide, gold cuff.

Pearl Stud Cuff

Olivia Palermo Guest Bartender Collection. A blending of tough-girl edge and buttoned-u… [More]

Price: $38.00
These earrings from Bauble Bar’s Olivia Palermo collection are so beautiful.  We love the combination of the bright yellow with the red.  And just look at the price!  For only $34, these earrings are a steal!  

Dottie Drops

Olivia Palermo Guest Bartender Collection. A whimsical ceramic flower bud accents this … [More]

Price: $34.00
These earrings are just pretty.  We can’t wait to see them sparkling from our ears, making a statement all on their own.  They look feminine and royal.  No need for any other accessories when you’re wearing these showstoppers.  #webelieveinpink

Pink Angelic Drops

Dreamy pink opals evoke a celestial vibe with a half halo and intricate crystal work. [More]

Price: $36.00
We hope you love Bauble Bar as much as we do!

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