Color Me Creative Review

So, today we’re taking a look at Kristina Webb’s book Color Me Creative: Unlock Your Imagination.  This book is really cool because it’s partly an autobiography of web-sensation and talented artist, Kristina Webb, and partly an art challenge book.


Color Me Creative: Unlock Your Imagination

When Nichole went to the bookstore, she found her eyes drawn to the beautiful cover of this book and she couldn’t resist buying it.  Now we’re both excited to learn more about Kristina and to try out some of the activities in the book.  We were also pretty amazed by this young woman’s life and her beautiful artwork.

Here’s Nichole trying her hand at the Emoji drawing challenge.


While Nichole has discovered she’s not the best artist, she’s still having fun completing the different challenges.  Her Emoji was supposed to be depicting when your mind is blown.


In addition to describing Kristina Webb’s life and her rise to fame and challenging the reader to get creative, the book also can unlock additional content by using the publisher’s app.  You just download the publisher’s app and scan the pages in the book that contain a special symbol.  The page scans and unlocks the additional content, in this case more of Kristina’s designs.

We highly recommend this book, for those who have artistic talents or not.  Even if you’re not artistic, this is a great read and the challenges are still fun.  And don’t forget, psychologists say that drawing and coloring for adults has great stress-relief properties and benefits.  So color yourself creative and pick up a copy of this book.

Color Me Creative: Unlock Your Imagination

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