Mason Jar Tips and Tricks

The humble mason jar is on every Pinterest board and can be found almost anywhere and for good reason.  Mason jars are useful yet still stylish.  The origin of the glass jar is simple and modest, it was a jar used for canning food so that fruits and vegetables could be available year round.  The jars still retain their original purpose and also have gained new purposes. Masons jars can be used for food storage, organization, and home decor.


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.02.28 AM
Mason Jars brewing sun tea

I have used my mason jars to plan out my week, I have created salads, ready made meals, and soups, and stored it all in mason jars.  On weeks where I feel very ambitious I have made breakfast smoothies.  A typical mason jar salad will consist of chicken some type of bean, tomatoes, and a random assortment of veggies.  By taking a couple of hours one day a week I can make lunches for the week, and maybe breakfast.  Having the mason jars allows me to make serval salads for the week.  I can also make soup in my crockpot and store it in a larger mason jar.  This allows me to wake up in the morning and pack a lunch quickly and still eat a healthy meal.

The other thing I love to make with my mason jars is sun tea.  Sun tea is the perfect way to make iced tea.  Making sun tea allows you to make a concentrated batch of tea.  You can use any type of tea you like, just use filtered water when brewing.  There is no need to use hot water, you will put the tea bag in the jar and pour in your filtered water.  You should place your mason jars on a sunny window sill and allow to brew for a few hours. Depending on how long the tea brews your flavor will vary.  I like mine to sit out for about 6 hours so i can get a clean, crisp flavor.

What are your favorite Mason jar uses?




Rebecca Johnson, aka Becky, is a Michigan native.  At the moment, she is trying to figure out how to adult.  In her spare time she reads, is a self-proclaimed news junkie, and tries to DIY.

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