Sambalatte Rainbow Latte

I found my pot of gold at the end of my rainbow latte at Sambalatte Coffee Shop in Boca Park, Las Vegas. I was sipping the sweet taste, and savoring the amazing aroma, when the most magnificent idea came to me for a new business!


I was careful not to swirl the rainbow design. Didn’t want to ruin the magic of the rainbow. So I sipped slowly, mesmerized by the magical colors floating in my cup. This cup of coffee gave me more than your average caffeine fix, drunk down in an attempt to wake up! Sambalatte makes coffees that create friendships, renew dreams and awaken possibilities and new beginnings. No, it’s no ordinary cup of coffee here. This sipping and savoring (remember no swirling) was the beginning of a new dream coming true. Who knew it would start with a rainbow latte?

Sambalatte is a coffee shop located in Boca Park, Summerlin with a second location on Jones and 215, in Las Vegas, Nevada. And if you happen to be on the Las Vegas Strip, they do offer a third location in the Montecarlo Casino with an entrance from the street.

Sambalatte is a place that offers awesome people watching, cool vibes, interesting lattes and mouth watering pastries, and a “sip, savor, socialize” atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating.

Visit for more information.

We believe in PINK… and rainbows.




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