Bite Matte Crème Lip Crayons

Hi guys,

We received some complimentary lip crayons from Bite Beauty and Influenster for reviewing purposes.  You all know how much we love Bite, so you know that this is our honest opinion of the products.


We received three colors: Red Velvet, Glacé, and Cava.  Bite lip crayons are our favorites for several key reasons.  First, they are so creamy and smooth.  Second, you can find them in a variety of bold beautiful colors.  The pigmentation of these lip crayons is amazing.  Third, we love the packaging.  The black tubes are very sleek and stylish and it’s easy to throw them into a purse or clutch.  And last but not least, we appreciate that they are made with natural, food grade and organic ingredients.  We lick our lips, we eat food that touches our lips, we drink beverages that touch our lips, and we kiss family, friends, and significant others.  So, we love knowing that these lip products are safe.

“Red Velvet” is going to be so perfect for the holiday season.  It’s a bold, beautiful red.  Imagine walking into a christmas party with bright eyes, long lashes and this beautiful lipstick.  YASSSS!




Nichole is wearing “Red Velvet.”

“Glacé” is such a pretty mauve color that you can use on a daily basis.



Yvonne is wearing “Glacé” and wearing a sweater from Mixtbox.  Also pictured from left to right is “Red Velvet,” “Cava,”and “Glacé.”

Last but not least, “Cava” is a lovely pinky nude color with hints of lavender.


Thank you, Bite Beauty and Influenster.  We are putting these lip crayons to good use!

We Believe In Pink,

Yvonne and Nichole

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