Launching Soon!

Hi Guys,

So, we’re excited about several new collections that will be launching soon.  We have not tried out these products yet but we will hopefully manage to snag some before they sell out.  We will review anything we get in a later post.  But for now here’s what we want and when they’re coming out.  (Disclaimer: Our reviews are always our own unbiased opinion, we are not sponsored by anyone, we have not received any of these products for promotional purposes and would tell you if we did, and below you’ll find some affiliate links.)

First up is the Peach Collection from Too Faced!

It will launch on December 14th (THAT IS 8 DAYS FROM NOW!) on and December 15th on and  And the collection will be available in store at Sephora and Ulta on December 26th.  The packaging is really adorable.  We’ve downloaded the Sweet Peach Emoji app and the little graphics are adorning all of our texts because they’re so darn cute!

Here is what we want to get:

Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection – $49.00

Sweet Peach Glow – $42.00

Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in “Papa Don’t Peach”- $19

We love the idea of making this an oil lip gloss and we’ve heard this formula is not sticky.  We chose this color because we think it’ll be a really pretty nude-peach color to compliment any skin tone.  We might try to get a couple other colors but this one is priority one for us!

Next is the Too Faced and Kat Von D Better Together Collection.

This collection will launch on December 26th and will be available on or  We think this collaboration is genius and everything looks really cute and well worth it.  And it launches right after Christmas so we can use all of that Christmas money we receive to fund our purchase.  Here is what we’re hoping to get.

Better Together Cheek and Lip Makeup Bag Set – $38.00 

We are getting this set for the adorable little makeup bags.  We love Clover and Piaf and strongly support this union.  Can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection – $65.00

Oh Mama, we want this.  We love everything in this set and we think the packaging is really cute.  Six Too Faced eyeshadows and six Kat Von D eyeshadows!  It really is the best of both worlds.  Love the full-sized Better Than Sex mascara and the Tattoo eyeliner.  Just the mascara and eyeliner would cost $43 ($23 + $20), so this set is well worth the $65 when you look at all of the things you get.

Also Launching VERY Soon is the Mac x Mariah Carey.

This collection will be launching December 8th (online) and December 15th in stores.  On you may be able to access the collection now if you’re a member.  We have more than enough Mac products, but the packaging of this collection is just too beautiful to pass up.  It’s so sparkly and lovely and the glow and shimmer on everything is to die for.  What we really wanted is the Extra Dimension Skin Finish ($45.50), but it’s already sold out on Mac’s website.  So we’re going to try to get it from another online retailer, such as

This has been our launching soon wishlist!  Let us know what you’re excited to get your hands on.  

As Always,


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